About the artist

Rebecca’s home studio is located in the garden route South Africa . Her hand lends it's way to classical idealisation - painting from life what the eye find most visually pleasing. Taking from nature the essence of what one sees while altering ever so slightly to be it's most visually pleasing form . Her focus is in people, plants and places. 

 When she’s not home creating she tries to travel for constant inspiration, following the wisdom of John Sargent, to continuously travel and document along the way. Having European heritage she is pulled to the Mediterranean coasts and spends the summers in their waters. She was self taught when her work started to gain popularity in America in 2019, and soon the demand led her to painting full time.

Her art was featured in the Zeitz Mocca museum in South African November 2020 only 5 months after transitioning to painting professionally. 



For enquiries on commissions or further information on purchasing artwork please get in touch below.